Photobucket support extended

Photobucket support is now extended as Phixr lets you download photos from photobucket to Phixr as well now. However, since this works differently than the upload (which requires you to enter username and mobile upload PIN), here are a few words: For downloading images from photobucket, you need to log into photobucket from inside the phixr website. After that you can browse your photobucket album(s). In order to grab a photo and drag it to Phixr, please use the “Transfer this photo to Phixr”-button in the bottom.

Note: There is also an “upload” button (and a file selector field immediately above) which allow uploading photos to photobucket. With these, you can only upload files from your computer, not photos that are currently stored in your phixr account. Last but not least, the “Logout”-Link in the top right of the photobucket “window” logs you out from photobucket, not phixr.

No news on the Webshots front, unfortunately. Uploading still fails.

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