Mixin’ time

Yesterday we were bored. Terribly bored. Until someone had the idea to check out MySpace for their members’ current in-stuff. A few minutes later, we added some more images to the “Mix with preset images”-tool. Folks, now you can finally create those neat “glittering” graphics using Phixr. These seem to be extremely popular among the MySpace crowd.


While we were at it, we also added a “mode”-selector to both of the “Mix” tools. The different modes (not every one looks good in all situations) allow a bunch of new effects. Here’s one using “Dodge” mode.


And here’s another one. The same image mixed twice, each time using a different “Copy XXX channel” mode:


Erm, now there’s one more thing. We accidently  dumped the “Position”-selector in the “Mix with other Photo” tool. This must have happened shortly before the relaunch. Well, long story short, it’s back. Sorrrry.

Finally, we have a 中文(简体) version of Phixr in the pipeline. The translation is in progress.

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One Response to “Mixin’ time”

  1. Garry Bridgewater says:

    I’m new to Phixr. Noticed when I uploaded a large photo, it was downsized on the site. So after I’ve applied the changes I want, can I save the changes to my original sized picture?