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Post-x-mas update

Monday, December 28th, 2009

We have been very busy during the last few days. Very much so indeed. Apart from fixing one embarrassing bug (the b/w tool was integrated into the sepia tool, but the toolbox didn’t reflect that change), we added four new face-through-the-hole images, one new fun effect, and one new decoration.

I want you


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Face-through-the-hole, cont.

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Here are some further samples:


Mona Thomas

Mt. R.

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Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Face-through-a-hole-tool Last-minute-Xmas-cards anyone? Phixr can help! With our new “Face-through-the-hole”-tool, you can create Xmas cards in no time. Just mark a persons face (nose in the center), activate the tool and choose from a set of images. You can rotate your face and its colors in order to fit it in properly. (Note: In case you haven’t noticed: You can move or resize the selection even if a tool window is currently open; the tool window will automatically update to the new selection).

There are two things we’d like to mention though: We added this tool today, but due to the hurry (well, can’t move christmas, can you) we also released it today without further ado, read: testing. Hence, please consider it to be “beta”.

Also, we kind of lack suitable photos at this point. If you have a photo showing a person from the front, and if you want to share your photo (including credits and a link to your site) with all those thousands of people using Phixr daily, don’t hesitate! (The minimum resolution is 1024×768. )


Thomas (2)

Thomas (3)

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New decorations’n’stuff

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

Yesterday’s update brought an improved decoration tool, now allowing to rotate and pixel-wise adjust objects, as well as some new decorations, such as new objects (ink stains, new party hats, etc) and fire and frost borders:

frost demo

fireborder demo

We also gave the border/frame tool a slight overhaul and added a new border type:

golden frame demo


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Phixr vs. MySpace, pt II

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

We now released an update with MySpace support to some extent:

1) So far, the new MySpace API does only allow accessing public user albums. Albums, whose privacy settings are either “Me only” or “Friends only” do not show up. On our humble opinion, this is a strange policy, considering that one has to log in and positively authorize Phixr to access one’s data. Frankly, we wonder what they were thinking when setting up that restriction. However, the MySpace developers promised to improve their API in January, so that Phixr can also access private albums around February.

2) MySpace’s API platform is currently a moving target. They are using OpenSocial, a platform developed by google, which at the moment goes by the version number “0.9”. This stuff is under constant development and we expect some further changes soon. During our testing, MySpace sometimes showed weird behavior throughout the login and browsing process. So if you experience problems, please do not blame us.

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Did you know… (again)

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

.. that you can move the tool windows in Phixr? Just like any window, just grab it by its title bar, click and move.

movetoolwindow2 movetoolwindow1

Phixr vs. MySpace

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Just to let you know what’s going on developmentwise: We are in the process of implementing support for uploading and downloading photos to/from MySpace. The good news is that our code is ready and working. The bad news, however, is that MySpace’s new framework “OpenSocial 0.9″ (or rather their very own incarnation) is yet somewhat flaky as to especially user authentication sometimes working, sometimes not. We will observe their servers’ behavior for a few days and then decide on a release.

Tool of the day: Mix photos

Monday, December 7th, 2009

mix2 Today, we go for the Mix tool. This is actually quite powerful: Using this tool, you can make several photos into one. For example:


In this simple example we worked with the cheese photo, selected the target region for the Eiffel Tower photo, activated the mix tool, selected the Eiffel Tower photo for mixing, set the opacity to 0:100 and executed. By varying the opacity and the blend mode, you can create sophisticated collages:

cheese+tower+moneyFor the “projection” of the dollar bill on the cheese, we used the “overlay” mixing mode. This actually works best if the background of the source image (here: the cheese) is white. The Eiffel Tower was mixed (mode: normal) with an opacity setting of 50:50.

Another application of this tool is merging photos. This involved a second tool, the “Add space” (or “grow canvas”) tool. We use it to add space to our first photo, into which we then mixed the second photo so that the photos don’t overlap:

cheese + tower aside

In other news, scientists finally found evidence of what we all already knew: The moon is made of cheese.

cheese + moon

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Did you know… (pt 1)

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

decorateToday, we decided to start a series of articles about Phixr’s features: Some of them are “buried” in the tool palette and not easily found and/or obvious. A good start is the “Decorate“-tool, symbolized by the “heart”. This tool pastes preset graphics or patterns into the photo in many different ways. A simple example is the following:

decorate with "one heart"What better way to say “I love cheese”? Here, we first selected the target region of the photo (just click into the photo, and move the mouse with the button clicked) and then mixed “One heart” into the photo, at 90% opacity. Simple, isn’t it. Here’s are two more samples, with “party hat” and “light bulb” respectively:

1000000_dollar_bill_phixr 1000000_dollar_bill_phixr(2)

I think you get the idea.

The “Decorate”-tool also has some stock images that are meant for the entire photo, not just a part of it. In the following two examples, we used the “Snow” and “Starglitter 3″ alternatives:

EiffelTowerSmall_phixr EiffelTowerSmall_phixr(2)

So, go ahead now, try it for yourself!

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Recovered from translation paralysis

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Finally the new versions are officially on-air. The Chinese version is completely translated (the expected exception is the help page … anyone?), the Japanese is almost finished and requires a close review for typos and grammar. Many thanks to Vivian and Shiny for their help.

While we were at it, we also updated the English, German and Spanish pages as well. The site now loads much faster (thanks to compression and some other neat tricks), and the “mix photos” feature has received some long needed attention; you can now scale the second photo into the first one, or the selected area.

Any ideas for further improvements?

PS: Please stop spamming us. No chance that such “comments” come through.

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