Tool of the day: Mix photos

mix2 Today, we go for the Mix tool. This is actually quite powerful: Using this tool, you can make several photos into one. For example:


In this simple example we worked with the cheese photo, selected the target region for the Eiffel Tower photo, activated the mix tool, selected the Eiffel Tower photo for mixing, set the opacity to 0:100 and executed. By varying the opacity and the blend mode, you can create sophisticated collages:

cheese+tower+moneyFor the “projection” of the dollar bill on the cheese, we used the “overlay” mixing mode. This actually works best if the background of the source image (here: the cheese) is white. The Eiffel Tower was mixed (mode: normal) with an opacity setting of 50:50.

Another application of this tool is merging photos. This involved a second tool, the “Add space” (or “grow canvas”) tool. We use it to add space to our first photo, into which we then mixed the second photo so that the photos don’t overlap:

cheese + tower aside

In other news, scientists finally found evidence of what we all already knew: The moon is made of cheese.

cheese + moon

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