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Phixr and MySpace, cont.

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Just a short notice with regard to MySpace:

Since a few days back, MySpace runs a new version of their platform that allows accessing private photos.

In order to enable you to use this new possibility, we had to disconnect everyone of you once from MySpace. Won’t happen again.

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Lovers, unite

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Feb 14th is just just a few days ahead, so here’s a quick update dedicated to the occasion:

  • Heart mask (in Camera & lens tools): Create a heart-shaped stencil around your beloved and express your feelings in a very special way.
  • Two fonts (“hearts” and “S2G love“) for the special message to your Valentine.
  • Several heart, butterfly and roses/flower decorations for the finishing touch.
Heart mask & co

Heart mask & co

In other news: The update contains some more minor changes and bugfixes. Among the latter is a glitch in the lomo/holga/night vision tool that recently had some troubles with smaller photos. Also, the fun effects now also support the selection.

Happy Valentine!

Update: We just added a few more masks (like a keyhole, binoculars, brush strokes, etc) and made the blurring of the background an option.

Brush stroke mask

Brush stroke mask

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