b&w day

Last week we (again) fell in love with b&w photography. Consequently, today’s update is b&w all over:

  • Zoom blur can fade out color towards the corners (along with fading into black);
  • there is a new b&w vignette (along with a blurred one) in Camera & Lens tools;
  • all objects in the Decorate tool can be desaturated (ie made b&w);
  • the b&w tool inside Color tools now supports three ways of desaturating a photo;
  • in Camera & Lens tools, the masks’ background can now not only be monotonized, but also desaturated. Also, we added two new masks (circles, one blurred, one sharp).
Zoom blur with fading to b&w

Zoom blur with fading to b&w

Blurred vignette

Blurred vignette

On the blablatechbabble front, we made phixr once more faster. This time, we’ll simply save you the details.

PS: If you find bugs in Phixr, we’d be grateful if you posted them here or on our Facebook page. Thanks!

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