Color balance tool redone

After a lot of enhancements on the fun front, we thought it was about time to do some work on the more serious tools Phixr offers. As a result, the Color Balance / Levels tools got some overhaul:

  • Color balance is now done more properly, with real separation between shadows, mid-tones and highlights. In essence, this tool now works exactly like Photoshop’s color balance. As with the latter, the color balance can be adjusted for shadows, mid-tones and highlights separately.
  • The Levels tool can now adjust not only the black point/white point, but the levels for each of the red, green and blue channels as well… separately, and at the same time.
  • Say hello to a new family member: The Channel tool can adjust hue, saturation and lightness separately for up to six color channels (red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta).
Channel tool: Red channel hue modified.

Channel tool: Red channel hue modified.

Phixr Photo Editor

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