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Phixr agora fala português.

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Phixr is now available in seven languages! This week we added Portuguese. The portuguese version is available at Except for some help text, the site is completely translated. If you find translation errors, drop us a note – we’d be happy to know.

In other news:

  • Sliders: Double-clicking on the slider handles now resets the slider to its default value.
  • Tool windows: A small lock icon in the title bars now allows locking and unlocking the selection’s aspect ratio. Previously, this was only possible using the respective button in the main window.
  • On touch devices, double-tapping the selection resets it.


Touch me, touch me, touch me

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

We are happy to announce that Phixr now also works on the iPad and probably on Android tablets running Google Chrome for Android. If your fingers are like toothpicks and your eyes the ones of an eagle you might even run it on the iPhone… however, we cannot seriously recommend this. Androids own browser, despite its AppleWebkit background, has some problems – which we are not going to work around.)

In other news:

  • If you decide to download your photo in GIF or PNG8 format, Phixr now shows a preview. This is especially useful for deciding on how many colors to use. However, this preview is only supported if the image is smaller than 200×200 pixels. (You shouldn’t be using these file formats for larger images anyway.)
  • When you upload an image that is too big to handle, you can now crop and shrink it freely (unlike before). (Feature is online starting March 4th)
  • New clipart and new objects for the Decorate tool.

That’s a wrap. Happy phixing!

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