Out latest update deals mainly with Facebook, who again decided it’s time to update their back-end API for applications like Phixr. And again, they removed useful stuff which Phixr could offer to you in the past.

The most obvious change is that you won’t get your full friends list in Phixr anymore. Instead, you will only see those of your friends who also use Facebook’s Phixr app (or at least have used it once in the past). This is a little annoying when you were regularly ‘working’ with your friends’ photos, but it is outright painful when it comes to tagging: From now on, you can only tag a fraction of your friends from inside Phixr. (Of course, you can still type in a name of a person to be tagged, but it won’t be a link to that person when viewing the photo in FB.) But you know what? If you were to convince all of your friend to use Phixr, that list would grow…. – nah, just kidding.

On the plus side: Nothing else has been changed in a way that might harm your experience using Phixr with Facebook.

Also, you might have noticed that you don’t get to see that Phixr login screen inside Facebook any more. Well, this screen was kind of annoying, and in essence not strictly necessary. When you access the Phixr-FB-app, you are now logged into Phixr automatically. Magic!

Google login now uses OpenID Connect, and that pesky warning from Google about some OpenID 2.0 mumbojumbo is gone.

ImageShack and Webs are no longer supported; the first because they completely changed their API (which is not usefully implemented now), and both because they were rarely used. (And listen ImageShack: Who pays for a photobucket clone these days…? I mean really?!)

Look at the time….. gotta go ;)


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