… is coming, and it’s about time, isn’t it. But before you are off into a hopefully sunny and spring-ish weekend, we have some seemingly small but – as we believe – very useful changes to report.

  • Added a teeth-whitening-tool. Three sliders allow adjustment. In oder to avoid whitening parts of the skin surrounding the mouth, please select the teeth area as exactly as possible, and during adjustment watch out not only for the teeth, but especially the skin. Teeth whitener
  • Added more than 20 new objects, borders and overlays/textures for the “Decorate” tool. Also, we removed a few old ones which weren’t that .. uhm… great. That tool also has (again) gotten a bigger preview. In Camera & Lens tools, there are two new effects, one if which is the “center focus” tool, which we used for the pictures in this post for highlighting the interesting part.
  • All tool selectors can now be resized to show more effect icons at once. Unfortunately, this does not work on Internet Explorer. Resize icon
  • In order to simplify the upload process, photos to be uploaded can now also be dragged into the empty space to the left of the last uploaded photo. No need to open the upload form. Just drag a photo file from your explorer/finder into that area, and it will be uploaded. (Works in Chrome, FF, Opera, IE >= 10, etc) Update: This is in the works again, it showed to be slightly unpractical. Will provide a better solution tomorrow. Update 2: Fixed. Now a hard-to-miss big box will appear as soon as you drag a photo into the Phixr browser window.

There you go, …. and for us it’s back to work. Have a nice weekend, and happy phixing!

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