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From the desk of the eggspert

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

I hope you all had a wonderful easter weekend! We were busy, as usual, and have some minor improvements for your photo-phixing eggsperience (the egg-puns stop here, promise):

  • Text: Text can now be blurred (see “Other” tab in Text tool); outer bevels can now be made bigger (6 steps instead of 3). However, this might look strange with some fonts, so please always check the preview.
  • Decorate: Borders consisting of objects (like for example the also new “bubble” borders) can now be rotated by up to 10 degrees, following the mantra “symmetry is the opposite of creativity” ;)
  • Camera & lens fx / mask tools: The mask size can now be 125% of the image size (before it was 95%), and the outline algorithm is improved in quality and speed.
  • Feather: The feather algorithm now fades the image more smoothly, and this goes for rectangular and elliptic selections.

Happy easter!