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July 2016 update

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Long time, no see! We hope you’re all doing well!

We made a small maintenance update to Phixr in the meantime, bringing you the following changes:

Dropbox users: We had to disconnect you from Dropbox due to an interface (API) update on Dropbox’s side. Please just reconnect, everything will work as before afterwards.

SmugMug users: Sorry folks, SmugMug is no longer supported due to technical reasons.

Some other changes were made in order to keep up with our third-party partners (who obviously have too much time and seem to waste it on pointless changes to their APIs), but nothing you’d notice.

As a small improvement we added the “Phix!” tool. This is a handy tool mostly for portraits of people or photos of landscapes that combines the most popular tools into one single step. Just choose a preset, your fixings (like eg. equalize, vignette, border) and you’re done. We might add more presets in the future.

Happy phixing!


PS: If you don’t see the “Phixr!” icon in the toolbox, reload the page (in FF and Chrome with the Shift-Key pressed while hitting “reload”).