Picasa out, Google Photos in

Or: For what’s worth it.

Google, the owner of Picasa Web Albums, is about to close down the interface Phixr used to communicate with Picasa. We assume they will shut down Picasa soon, too. So far, so good.

But, hallelujah, they offer an alternative, aptly yet boringly named “Google Photos”, as a replacement. For those who care. It looks ok, but nothing special.

However: Since we had to switch to a new google API, and google now jumped the “verification” bandwagon, Phixr’s use of Google Photos is, for the time being, restricted. Meaning:

1) An ugly “welcome” page warns you about Phixr being unverified, and,

2) – worse – google wouldn’t allow more than 100 Phixr users to connect their Google Photos to Phixr.

Both restrictions will disappear as soon as Google had the mercy to “verify” Phixr (we are as of yet unsure what they actually “verify”. The reason given on the google admin pages is “because you uploaded a new logo for your app”. Great. Gotta love clarity and logic.)


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