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Phixr mini-relaunch

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Welcome to our new outfit! Well, we are sure you noticed. Phixr looks different. We’ve worked hard, tortured a reasonably large crowd with amber fluids and chips for an extensive period of time in order to provide us with the feedback we wanted to hear… and now: Here it is. Phixr’s new, shiny clothes. What’s not to like?

Other news include

  • new “comic” and “printed comic” special effects (see demo image);
  • new “comic border” in the border tool (see demo image);
  • the “mix with preset image” tool now includes not only patterns, but also objects (like a heart, a light bulb, a party hat, etc) that can be inserted into your image. Also, this tool now uses the selection.
  • automatic update of the selection: if you move or otherwise change it, any tool window using the selection will automatically update.
  • the “lomo effect” is now much faster;
  • bugfixes in speech bubble (yes, again). We apologize for eventual inconveniences (yes, again).
  • better handling in tool windows, and much more.


Under the hood, the news are mainly that we are running on a new server farm. Twice as many CPUs, twice the memory. That should do for a while… Happy phixing, dudes