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Crop, Facebook, selection and friends

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Relevant or not? Decide for yourself:

  • The Crop tool is now enhanced. It has a couple of presets which allow you to crop parts of a certain aspect ratio. Also, Phixr can resize (scale) the photo immediately after cropping, without using the Resize tool. This way you can create avatars or icons in a single step.
  • The aspect ratio of the selection can be locked. This is especially useful in connection with the enhanced Crop tool. You can move and resize the selection without losing its current aspect ratio.
  • Phixr can now resize photos on-the-fly when e-mailing them. Do not be afraid: The original remains untouched. Only the photo actually sent is resized.
  • Phixr can now upload photos to Snapfish, Tumblr, Cosco (welcome back), PictureTrail and a few more. Buzznet removed their upload facility, so we ditched them. Fotolog changed their way to upload photos, and we adapted to this now.
  • Uploading to Facebook and flickr is now up to 30% faster. SmugMug access is now up to 50% faster.
  • Phixr is now all UTF-8. All file names, album names etc. work correctly if they contain UTF-8 characters. Also, Phixr handles file names correctly when uploading (some of the third party services do not like non-ASCII characters in their album or file names).

Back to work…

Phixr Online Photo Editor

Fixed long-standing bug in e-mailing-in photos

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Apart from server problems on the weekend (which were beyond our scope of influence), we noticed an obviously long-standing problem regarding the email-in-feature. Some of the photos received by e-mail were uploaded but displayed as a lock. This is fixed now, we apologize.

Boring thursday

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

New feature: Phixr now supports uploading photos by e-mail. For this purpose, you get a PIN code, which is displayed and can be changed in your settings. The e-mail address to mail your photos to is – where USERNAME is your username and PIN is the said PIN code, consisting of 5 digits.

Furthermore, your Photobucket username and “mobile upload PIN” can be saved as well. However, you can still enter or change it when uploading photos to

On a sidenote, the Russion version of the Wallstreet Journal and the Financial Times wrote about Phixr yesterday. Nice….