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Happy new … everything!

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

In the recent weeks we have been updating Phixr quite frequently. The reason for this is a transition to using modern browsers’ full capabilities (read: HTML5) which – among other goodies – allow instant preview operations. A number of tools are already taking advantage of this technology (rotation, crop, many Color Effects, the Decorate tool for objects, Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/etc, Color Balance/Levels, etc).

If you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or IE 9 (or later), you might have noticed that, in these tools, sliders react faster an, in many cases, immediately. For old browsers (most notably IE8 and older), everything works as before.

In other news:

  • The “Instant photo”-tool was moved into the “Picture Frames”-tool;
  • several new objects, borders and textures for decorating your photos;
  • new fonts;
  • new blend modes (vivid light, pin light, linear light, hard mix, etc);
  • special effects and decorations for July 4th (US only).

Happy Phixing!

Phixr Photo Editor

Text with "Difference" blend mode

Text with "Difference" blend mode

Motion blur with "Green channel" blend mode

Motion blur with "Green channel" blend mode

Welcome ImageShack, WebShots, Nakama and Costco

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

Added upload support for ImageShack, Costco Photocenter, Nakama and prepared this for WebShots. The latter is not active yet as CNET (the operator of WebShots) has not provided us with a “partner key” yet. This is said to happen later this week, so please be patient.

Also, phixr now can make your photo look like an instant photo (remember those things of the late 70s? ;))