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Phixr can now geotag your photos

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

In a nutshell, “geotagging” means storing the photo’s geographical location (= where it was shot) in the photo file. Programs and services like eg. Google Earth or flickr can read these tags and show you the exact location on a map.

We are happy to announce that Phixr can now read, create and write geotags!

Whenever your upload a photo (either from your computer or through any of the supported third party services), Phixr analyzes the file for geotags. If the file contains geotags, Phixr will show a small red icon beside the thumbnail:

Geotag symbol

You can add, change and delete geotags in the new “Geotags” tab at the bottom of the screen. To add a geotag, simply click into the map at the desired position and afterwards on “Save”. Changing the location works in the same way. Don’t forget to click on “Save” whenever you change the marker’s position!


As regards storing geotags:

  • Geotags can only be stored in jpeg files.
  • The photo sharing services supporting geotags currently are flickr, Picasa web albums and Smugmug. Other services like Facebook ignore or even delete them.
  • For your privacy, whenever you download or share a photo, Phixr lets you select whether you want to download or share the photo with or without geotags. In case of services, which are known to currently delete geotags, Phixr never includes them. One example for this kind of treatment is Facebook.

Happy phixing!

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