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Phixr Photo Collages enhanced

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The Collage (aka “Mix/combine photos”) tool has just got its overly long overdue overhaul. Apart from instant previews on modern browsers(*) and improved placement selection, you can now rotate the foreground image and add a shadow or glow (depending on the color you choose – dark makes this a shadow, light a glow). Frequent readers know that instead of words we used to use pictures, and this entry won’t be any exception from this tradition:

The new Collage Tool

The new Collage Tool

And here is an example:


Collage of 6 images (with tilt-shift effect from Camera & Lens tools applied afterwards)

In other (minor) news, the Text tool’s inner bevels can now be blurred. Even though this is only a tiny change, here is a before (without blur) and after (with blur to maximum) example:


Happy Phixing!

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* Some effects (shadows, transparency) can’t be done instantly.

New gradient tool, enhanced Collage tool, and more

Friday, February 4th, 2011

We have been working on a real bunch of new features in the last weeks, a part of which we have now released to the public. The news are:

  • A new tool to create color gradients. It is found in the “Geometric shapes” tool, which now has a “gradients” tab. You can choose from a zillions of options, like colors, shape, position, length and more. The angle and the length are specified by clicking into the middle thumbnail, clicking and thereby drawing a yellow line (as depicted in the image below). The angle of the line will be the angle of the gradient, its length will be the length of the gradient. This tool is mainly for creating backgrounds for other photos (which can later be put into the background with the “Collage” tool), but gradients can also be a nice decoration inside photos:
    Screen shot 2011-02-04 at 194349_phixr

    The gradient tool window

    A gradient sample

    A gradient sample

    Another sample

    Another sample

    Yet another one

    Yet another one

  • The “Collage” tool, which is for mixing photos into one another, has been enhanced. In the past, it could make a selectable color transparent. However, the results were kind of “harsh”, because the tool didn’t soften the edges. Now, the tool can anti-alias (soften) the edges, and more: The option of also making similar colors to the selected one transparent is more flexible. You can set a criterion for what is considered “similar” based on hue, lightness, color components, etc. In the example below, we mixed one of Phixr’s sample images into another, making some green color tone transparent, and thereby essentially eliminating the background of the flower.

    "Collage" sample

    "Collage" sample

  • Speaking of color: The color picker has a new feature, too. You can now not only select a color from the color spectrum, but also one from the photo. The little “injection needle” to the right switches between the spectrum and a thumbnail of the photo.

That’s all for now, more coming up. Stay tuned… and happy phixing!

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Tool of the day: Mix photos

Monday, December 7th, 2009

mix2 Today, we go for the Mix tool. This is actually quite powerful: Using this tool, you can make several photos into one. For example:


In this simple example we worked with the cheese photo, selected the target region for the Eiffel Tower photo, activated the mix tool, selected the Eiffel Tower photo for mixing, set the opacity to 0:100 and executed. By varying the opacity and the blend mode, you can create sophisticated collages:

cheese+tower+moneyFor the “projection” of the dollar bill on the cheese, we used the “overlay” mixing mode. This actually works best if the background of the source image (here: the cheese) is white. The Eiffel Tower was mixed (mode: normal) with an opacity setting of 50:50.

Another application of this tool is merging photos. This involved a second tool, the “Add space” (or “grow canvas”) tool. We use it to add space to our first photo, into which we then mixed the second photo so that the photos don’t overlap:

cheese + tower aside

In other news, scientists finally found evidence of what we all already knew: The moon is made of cheese.

cheese + moon

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