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Phixr mini-relaunch

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Welcome to our new outfit! Well, we are sure you noticed. Phixr looks different. We’ve worked hard, tortured a reasonably large crowd with amber fluids and chips for an extensive period of time in order to provide us with the feedback we wanted to hear… and now: Here it is. Phixr’s new, shiny clothes. What’s not to like?

Other news include

  • new “comic” and “printed comic” special effects (see demo image);
  • new “comic border” in the border tool (see demo image);
  • the “mix with preset image” tool now includes not only patterns, but also objects (like a heart, a light bulb, a party hat, etc) that can be inserted into your image. Also, this tool now uses the selection.
  • automatic update of the selection: if you move or otherwise change it, any tool window using the selection will automatically update.
  • the “lomo effect” is now much faster;
  • bugfixes in speech bubble (yes, again). We apologize for eventual inconveniences (yes, again).
  • better handling in tool windows, and much more.


Under the hood, the news are mainly that we are running on a new server farm. Twice as many CPUs, twice the memory. That should do for a while… Happy phixing, dudes

Friday, finally

Friday, March 9th, 2007

Hm, what’s up this time. Oh yes, the crop tool now allow saving the cropped part as a separate photo. Handy if you, for instance, want to cover a part of a scanned piece of paper.. clip out a completely white part, and “paste” it over the part to be covered. How to “paste”? That’s where the updated mix tool comes into play: You can now use the marked area for specifying the exact position of the other photo to be mixed into the first one. If you set the mixing opacity so that the mixed-in photo completely covers the current photo, you’re finished!