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Phixr vs. MySpace, pt II

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

We now released an update with MySpace support to some extent:

1) So far, the new MySpace API does only allow accessing public user albums. Albums, whose privacy settings are either “Me only” or “Friends only” do not show up. On our humble opinion, this is a strange policy, considering that one has to log in and positively authorize Phixr to access one’s data. Frankly, we wonder what they were thinking when setting up that restriction. However, the MySpace developers promised to improve their API in January, so that Phixr can also access private albums around February.

2) MySpace’s API platform is currently a moving target. They are using OpenSocial, a platform developed by google, which at the moment goes by the version number “0.9”. This stuff is under constant development and we expect some further changes soon. During our testing, MySpace sometimes showed weird behavior throughout the login and browsing process. So if you experience problems, please do not blame us.

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Phixr vs. MySpace

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Just to let you know what’s going on developmentwise: We are in the process of implementing support for uploading and downloading photos to/from MySpace. The good news is that our code is ready and working. The bad news, however, is that MySpace’s new framework “OpenSocial 0.9″ (or rather their very own incarnation) is yet somewhat flaky as to especially user authentication sometimes working, sometimes not. We will observe their servers’ behavior for a few days and then decide on a release.