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Phixr Photo Collages enhanced

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

The Collage (aka “Mix/combine photos”) tool has just got its overly long overdue overhaul. Apart from instant previews on modern browsers(*) and improved placement selection, you can now rotate the foreground image and add a shadow or glow (depending on the color you choose – dark makes this a shadow, light a glow). Frequent readers know that instead of words we used to use pictures, and this entry won’t be any exception from this tradition:

The new Collage Tool

The new Collage Tool

And here is an example:


Collage of 6 images (with tilt-shift effect from Camera & Lens tools applied afterwards)

In other (minor) news, the Text tool’s inner bevels can now be blurred. Even though this is only a tiny change, here is a before (without blur) and after (with blur to maximum) example:


Happy Phixing!

Phixr Photo Editor

* Some effects (shadows, transparency) can’t be done instantly.