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Advanced tools upgrade

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

This week’s update targets mostly some advanced tools. Although these tools aren’t the most popular according to usage numbers, we still think they’re quite powerful. Here’re the details:

  • The generic Brightness, contrast etc. tool got a new Vibrance slider. As the name indicates, this is for making a photo’s colors more vibrant. It increases saturation of less saturated colors, but leaves already saturated colors untouched. Also, the temperature and Brightness algorithms are now a lot better.
  • The “Channel” tab inside the Color balance/Levels tool received a major update. The changes are now much smoother, “Lightness” works a whole lot better.

On the fun side, we added another 4 filters to Color tools and Camera & Lens tools, going by the names “Heatmap 2″, “Fire”, “Atmosphere” and “Amoeba”. These are new incarnations of the old Heatmap feature, but using a different color scale. Also, new overlays (earlier called “Textures”) were added in the Decorate tool; it’s “Wall”, “Marble”, “Rusty metal”.

Atmosphere II (Camera & Lens tools)

Atmosphere II (Camera & Lens tools)

Happy phixing!

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