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The power of selection

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Good day, fellow phixrs. We just uploaded a new version with the following visual improvements:

  • The Color effects, Blur/Soften/Distort tools and sharpen tools now support the selection. Remember this one? “Selecting” means marking a part of the image by clicking left, moving the mouse and releasing the button. The area covered will highlight, and this is called a “selection”. The news is that you can now sepia-tone only a part of the image, and this goes for all the tools mentioned in the beginning.
  • Phixr now stores three steps of your work to which you can return using the undo tool. “Revert” can also be undone.
  • The zoom blur tool has two new features: First, you can select a center. Second, you can select the size of this center (in form of a circle’s radius) which remains unblurred. The radial blur tool also allows selecting a center now.
  • New glass tile effect in Blur/Soften/Distort tools
  • The border tool offers a wooden picture frame.

Using the selection to restrict effects to specific areas of the image

Using the inverted selection

Using the inverted selection

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