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Did you know… (pt 1)

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

decorateToday, we decided to start a series of articles about Phixr’s features: Some of them are “buried” in the tool palette and not easily found and/or obvious. A good start is the “Decorate“-tool, symbolized by the “heart”. This tool pastes preset graphics or patterns into the photo in many different ways. A simple example is the following:

decorate with "one heart"What better way to say “I love cheese”? Here, we first selected the target region of the photo (just click into the photo, and move the mouse with the button clicked) and then mixed “One heart” into the photo, at 90% opacity. Simple, isn’t it. Here’s are two more samples, with “party hat” and “light bulb” respectively:

1000000_dollar_bill_phixr 1000000_dollar_bill_phixr(2)

I think you get the idea.

The “Decorate”-tool also has some stock images that are meant for the entire photo, not just a part of it. In the following two examples, we used the “Snow” and “Starglitter 3″ alternatives:

EiffelTowerSmall_phixr EiffelTowerSmall_phixr(2)

So, go ahead now, try it for yourself!

Phixr Online Photo Editor

Mixin’ time

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Yesterday we were bored. Terribly bored. Until someone had the idea to check out MySpace for their members’ current in-stuff. A few minutes later, we added some more images to the “Mix with preset images”-tool. Folks, now you can finally create those neat “glittering” graphics using Phixr. These seem to be extremely popular among the MySpace crowd.


While we were at it, we also added a “mode”-selector to both of the “Mix” tools. The different modes (not every one looks good in all situations) allow a bunch of new effects. Here’s one using “Dodge” mode.


And here’s another one. The same image mixed twice, each time using a different “Copy XXX channel” mode:


Erm, now there’s one more thing. We accidently  dumped the “Position”-selector in the “Mix with other Photo” tool. This must have happened shortly before the relaunch. Well, long story short, it’s back. Sorrrry.

Finally, we have a 中文(简体) version of Phixr in the pipeline. The translation is in progress.