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Phixr can now destroy your photos

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Hi folks, been a while… nevertheless, we have some new stuff for you. Phixr can now not only make photos look prettier, but it can also destroy them. Make your photos look rotten and dirty! Phixr’s new textures (in the Decorate-tool) are ways easier to handle than putting a negative under your car’s wheels and going over it a couple of times… Samples follow:


Apart from that, we have also some new textures to add color to your life. These are especially useful for fashion photos:

Phixr_sample_1_phixr(3)Phixr_sample_1_phixr(4)Phixr_sample_1_phixr(5)That’s a wrap. Have fun, and .. happy phixing!

Phixr Photo Editor