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Twitter support enhanced

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Yesterday, Twitter announced public availability of their new Photo-Upload-API, today Phixr started using it. You can now view uploaded photos from within Twitter, and the upload process is faster.

Along with this change we added proper location support: You can use the photo’s geotags (if any) as the location the tweet refers to. Twitter will show this location on a map. Note: The photo file itself will not contain any geotags.

Phixr Photo Editor

Twitter really rocks…

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

phixr’s visitors’ numbers. On one day alone, people sent 2132 twitter tweets through phixr. If we had expected that, we’d implemented that feature earlier…

BTW perhaps this new blog page (to which we transferred all our old blog posts from our old, slightly primitive blog page) will help gather the crowd. Hm. Phixr really lacks the social aspect. What if we added some sort of what’s-hot-and-what-not of phixr work…? Would that be appreciated by the masses?

Phixr fixing week!

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Phixr got a few new features during the last few days:

  • Phixr now supports uploading photos to Twitter! You can tweet directly from inside Phixr now.
  • Phixr now has a new Facebook entry page. You can choose the photo to edit directly from within Facebook, without the cumbersome step of authorizing Phixr first.
  • Phixr has a new way to transfer photos from Photobucket and we now also support group albums.
  • We improved SmugMug support. This is much faster now.
  • Photo rotation is improved. You can now rotate photos of any size. However, larger photos will be clipped to the actual photo area, no background added.
  • You can now print your photo on your local printer.
  • Bugfixes in speech bubble, lomo and round corners tools. We apologize for eventual inconveniences.