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First post

Monday, April 10th, 2006

Welcome to phixr, folks!

First off, who and what “is” phixr? Answer: Phixr is a two-man show. I (Thomas) had the idea when I was abroad, passing by an internet cafe and lacking a photo processor at hand (read: on the computer I got at this cafe). I hope you find phixr as useful as I do.

And before I forget, there are two more issues I would like to mention at this point:

If the application behaves strangely in the first weeks this might be my fault as I constantly update it. This may cause some delays in operation, which I will try to keep to a minimum.

Also, I intend to set up a forum within the next few days where you can post your comments, report bugs and chat about your experiences with phixr. In the meantime, if you feel the urge, please e-mail me. The address is found on the Terms Of Service page.

PS: Please don’t complain about the google ads. The site is funded out of our very own pockets and bills have to be paid. If you are interested in funding this site or advertising on this site, please contact me. The more revenue is made from the ads, the higher the chances that this site will survive.